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What is the Dissolution Method of Polyetheramine?

May. 28, 2021

As a Manufacturer of Polyetheramine, I would like to share with you. What do we need to do when polyetheramine needs to be dissolved when it is used? In fact, it's very simple. Just mix it with water, ethanol, etc. Then, besides that, what other dissolution methods do we need to know? Get to know it together.

Polyetheramine for Sale

Polyetheramine for Sale

1. Soluble in ethanol, water and soluble in alcohols and other organic solvents.

2. Polyetheramine has a large number of hydroxyl groups and ether bonds. It has very good water solubility and is easily soluble in alcohol, so in simple terms, it can be cleaned with ethanol or water. If the water solubility is not very high, it is basically no problem to use alcohol.

3. When it adheres to the skin, wash with plenty of water, and wash the eyes with water for more than 15 minutes when it enters the eyes.

4. When it overflows, use sawdust, yellow sand, cloth and other permeable substances to remove it, and then wash it away with a lot of water.

5. Of course, there are many other cleaning agents available, you can choose them appropriately, the simplest is that they can be dissolved in water.

6. Polyetheramine is generally a transparent viscous liquid, non-volatile, colorless, slightly yellow, yellow and so on. It is heavier than water, can be mixed with water in any ratio, and can be dissolved in organic solvents such as alcohols. It is prepared by addition polymerization of initiator (compounds containing active hydrogen groups) with ethylene oxide (EO), propylene oxide (PO), butylene oxide (BO), etc. in the presence of a catalyst.

7. The largest output is to use glycerol (glycerol) as the initiator and epoxide (generally PO and EO are used together), by changing the feeding method of PO and EO (mixed or separated), addition ratio, Conditions such as the order of addition can produce a variety of general-purpose polyetheramines.

Simply put, the dissolution of polyetheramine is like this. Of course, different dissolution methods require different raw materials. We need to understand it carefully to better grasp its usage when using it. Our company also has Polyetheramine for Sale, welcome to contact us.

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